Responsible Data Reflection Stories 3
A collection of real-life examples of the risks that are faced when
using data in advocacy work, along with mitigation strategies to
overcome these challenges.

an app for
Using technology in order to reduce
the incidence of violence among
criminalised citizens.
The primary organisation works to support and reduce violence against a
disproportionately criminalised population–that is, a group who face disproportionate
violence and social exclusion, and who are often treated as criminals without reason.
For reasons of anonymity, the group they work with will be referred to throughout
this case study as a criminalised population.
their aim: using technology to empower members of the criminalised

population to share knowledge among themselves, ultimately reducing
incidences of violence.

The primary organisation are working together with a social enterprise technology
company to develop an application that members of the criminalised population
can use to report incidents of violence. Their report is then sent out to members of
the same community, who are in a similar geographic location to where the report
originated from, and, if consent is given, the report is also shared with the police, with
no details given about who reported it.

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